Welcome to LoOaU
((Is everyone still ok?))

Oh yes we are. Things are just super busy for us. All this snow is not helping, either.

But we’re doing pretty well. Things have finally calmed down for us.



Heeeey, guess who finally reappears! Reappeared? Whatever.

Guess who’s back: LoOaU! Back in action!

Cut for kinda long but still short.

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Looking back, that entire scenario looked like something straight out of a horror movie. A disease that no doctor can identify, bizarre and terrifying symptoms, uncaring parents with an obscure and secretive religion, and the part where he learned something about your grandmother that you don't remember telling him by reading a book in a language you couldn't identify... I'm just glad you didn't have to exorcise something out of him. I hope he's up on his feet soon!

Been quite busy, so I can’t stick around, but yeah. It’s kind of surreal, in retrospect. I lived through it and it feels like its been so long ago. Like a TV show I watched when I was 9 and haven’t seen since.

Also, the story of my great great (however many it is) gram was never written down. I’ve told him about her before, but I don’t know where he got the book thing from… but considering how out of it he was during that time, I’d say he dreamed it or something. Like I said, the whole deal was surreal.

His health is improving! He’s mad cuz I won’t let him do stuff, but he’s supposed to avoid straining himself in any way till about the end of the year. He’s co-opted my manga collection. :(

All in all… we’re doing pretty well. No words from Asshole or Ex-Mom. Settled into new apartment together. Today was a snow day, so after I ran to the store for some groceries we just camped out today, going through our stuff to get rid of the unimportant things we don’t need. Cramped but happy. That suits me fine.

thank all the gods thats seemingly over. I hope LoOaU recovers speedily. Man with all of this i kinda forgot this was started as a liveblog! It'd be nice if he could get back into that but after this ordeal I have no idea what he could do other than hang out with you and Chootie

I’m so glad the worst is over. He’s been spending most of his day groggy and sleepy, but he seems pretty happy, all things considered. He keeps complaining that he wants to do stuff cuz he’s bored, but he’s not getting off the couch. :)

As for liveblogging, I think I’m going to make him wait until he’s coherent enough to process. At one point he went “I think the ceiling is spinning”, so… yeah, he’s not gonna do much. He did have the chance to eat real food, and I don’t think I have ever seen a human being so happy before in my life.

Otherwise, we’re doing pretty good. I feel like the world has been lifted off my shoulders, and it feels great. I feel so light and happy.

I was looking back on this whole ordeal since it’s basically over and my god we would make the most entertaining episode of the Steve Wilkos Show IN HISTORY or an HBO movie idk How did you guys stand this whole thing.

dreylendreamer said: Yaaaaaay! I still feel like drawing something for him. Any suggestions, TBF?

Oh wowie I never expected this. He loves Pokemon more than anything, and his favorite Pokemon is Houndoom, so maybe something with that?

Yesterday LoOaU arrived home at about 11 at night. Slept most of today, but we had ourselves a little party (aka ate real food for the 1st time in forever and watched shitty movies), so things are going quite well. :)

If all goes well this next week, LoOaU should be released next Friday, with a regiment of medicine and rest he’s supposed to (going to) follow for about a month after before he’s supposed to do things again.

Moving has kind of been hell since it decided THIS WEEK to get cold and wet and some snow, but we managed. We’re all moved into our new apartment. :)

I want to do something nice for LoOaU’s return home, but we don’t want to go out and I don’t have a ton of money (and I’m saving up for Christmas gifts, I want to get them both at least something decent after this shitfest of a year), so do you have any suggestions?

We have found a new apartment for all 3 of us to move into! It’s actually not a bad place.

…now it becomes a game of “how fast can we move all this crap before it gets cold while working and college featuring TBF and Chootie”.

So don’t expect to hear much from us for a while, please.


In much happier news, LOOAU WILL SOON BE LET OUT OF THE HOSPITAL! They want to hold him for a little longer in order to make sure he doesn’t regress in health, but he should be out by Thanksgiving, they said.

Apparently the disease that makes his vocal cords iffy got really bad and spread to his lungs and brain stem. It would have spread farther, but we made it to the hospital in time (thankfully!).

He’s going to get better, so expect to see him soon. :D

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